Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hazelnut-Pear Salad with Radishes

(recipe from Whole Foods Market)

4 cups herb salad blend
2 medium radishes, trimmed and thinly sliced
1 Tbsp. white wine vinegar
2 medium Asian pears, diced and divided
1/4 cup dried apricots, thinly sliced and divided
1/2 cup hazelnuts, plus more for garnish, toasted, chopped, and divided
2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard

In a large bowl, combine the salad blend, radishes, half the pears, half the toasted hazelnuts, and half the apricots.  Set aside.

To make the dressing, place reserved pears, hazelnuts, and apricots in a blender along with vinegar, mustard, and 1/4 cup water.  Cover and puree until well combined and slightly thick, adding water, if needed, to reach the desired consistency.

Combine salad mixture and dressing and serve immediately.

(This dressing is wonderful!)